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This website is about my professional journey. You’ll also find interesting stories on various topics in hard and cognitive sciences, and some even more random stuff.

To learn more about me, go to the About page. In Projects and Publications, you’ll find some work I’ve contributed to, along with the tech stack I’ve mastered over the years. For some very random stuff, go to Blog where you’ll find a curated list of stories, articles, and poems. I hope you’ll enjoy !


  • 01 Aug. 2023 : I’ve pre-released version 0.1.4 of Updec: a mesh-free differentiable software for quick experimentation with a variety of PDEs. ☞ Repo.
  • 10 Mar. 2023 : I gave a talk at CMU Africa on emerging techniques and applications of graph neural networks. ☞ Recording.
  • 01 Dec. 2022 : I began my research on AI and HPC for mesh-free simulations. ☞ Synopsis.
  • 10 Oct. 2021 : I moved to Bristol for a PhD in the Interactive AI CDT. Find pictures of my trips on ☞ Instagram.

Selected stories*

  • A parallel theory of the causal mind ➡️ Read
  • Welcome to our brand-new website ! ➡️ Read
  • Mesh-free simulation in the age of Big Data ➡️ Coming soon …

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Selected publications*

  • Accelerating Algebraic Multigrid Using Machine Learning ☞ Abstract
  • Fracturation de floes de glace par percussion dans un modèle granulaire ☞ Abstract
  • Simulation 2D de l’équation du transfert radiatif et reconstruction de la densité par un réseau de neurones ☞ Abstract

All articles and theses can be found in the Publications section.

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