Hi there ! I’m a PhD student in HPC-AI at the University of Bristol, investigating parallel algorithms for combined data-driven and physics-informed simulation and control. I’m advised by Dr Tom Deakin, Pr David Barton, and Pr Simon McIntosh-Smith.

My research sits at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Scientific Computing, and High Performance Computing. Some of the questions I ponder are:

  • How to best combine classical knowledge of physical systems with AI approaches ?
  • How to scale existing physics-based AI techniques to real-world engineering problems: this involves questions like strong/weak scaling and uncertainty quantification.
  • What role do humans and domain scientists in particular play in the envisioned systemic symbioses above ?
  • The parallel computational theory of the causal mind as broadly covered by John R. Searle in Philosophy of Mind and Malcolm Gladwell in Blink.

For more details, read my CV or view my profile on LinkedIn. If they grab your attention, please do send me a message.


I enjoy all things computer hardware, software and games: from old classics to AAA’s like DOOM. Nothing like a first-person shooter to evade your troubles.

In another life, I’m pretty sure I am/was a moviemaker.

My Casiotone CT-S100. I’ve just recently taken back to playing the piano. Hopefully some of my pieces will feature here soon.

Football is life. I play weekly in one of Bristol’s minor leagues. Call me if you’re putting together a game.


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