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  • 07 May. 2024 : I’m attending ICLR’24 in Vienna and presenting a poster at the workshop on AI4DifferentialEquations in Science. I’m looking to have as much fun as possible. Please reach out if you’re there as well :).
  • 17 Apr. 2024 : My profile now appears on the Engineering Includes Me wall in the University of Bristol’s iconic Queen’s Building. This rewards our after-school work with Codemakers. ☞ Blog Post
  • 13 Mar. 2024 : I’m going to the Turing Institute to attend the launch of their Probabilistic Programming theme. Looking forward to using Turing.jl !
  • 20 Nov. 2023 : I’m giving a talk at the 2nd workshop on Physics Enhancing Machine Learning in Applied Mechanics, held at the Institute of Physics in London, UK. ☞ Access my slides.
  • 13 Nov. 2023 : Our paper on mesh-free differential programming for optimal control is out during SuperComputing’23. ☞ Have a read here.
  • 18 Sep. 2023 : I’m attending the 175th European Study Group with Industry (ESGI) in Berlin, Germany. ☞ Link.
  • 01 Aug. 2023 : I’ve pre-released version 0.1.4 of Updec: a mesh-free differentiable software for quick experimentation with a variety of PDEs. ☞ Repo.
  • 10 Mar. 2023 : I gave a talk at CMU Africa on emerging techniques and applications of graph neural networks. ☞ Recording.
  • 01 Dec. 2022 : I began my esearch on AI, HPC, and Scientific Machine Learning for mesh-free simulations. ☞ Synopsis.
  • 10 Oct. 2021 : I moved to Bristol for a PhD in the Interactive AI CDT. Find pictures of my trips on ☞ Instagram.

Selected stories*

  • A parallel theory of the causal mind ➡️ Read
  • Welcome to our brand-new website ! ➡️ Read
  • Mesh-free simulation in the age of Big Data ➡️ Coming soon …

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Selected publications*

  • Accelerating Algebraic Multigrid Using Machine Learning ☞ Abstract
  • Fracturation de floes de glace par percussion dans un modèle granulaire ☞ Abstract
  • Simulation 2D de l’équation du transfert radiatif et reconstruction de la densité par un réseau de neurones ☞ Abstract

All articles and theses can be found in the Publications section.

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